Taxat Straight Up

Taxat sculpture by Woody Van Amen. Photographed Straight Up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands by Cameron R Neilson

I had an exclusive invitation from The Contemporaries to visit the reopening of the Toshiko Mori designed, 22,000 square foot, Sean Kelly Gallery last night to sip in the work of Antony Gormley. The show titled “Bodyspace” is a visual treat of abstract humility portrayed through geometric human forms balancing the relationship between man and architecture. Confirming with director Maureen Bray that Antony Gormley had permanent installations in Rotterdam, I was convinced the image above was one of his. Due diligence this morning proved me wrong.

The sculpture shown above is the work of Woody Van Amen who predates Gormley by fourteen years. This piece titled “Taxat” has a completely different expression created by the structure in the 90 degree welded stainless steel. The Taxat is a form created by Woody van Amen that expresses relationships in east Asian symbols. From the Straight Up perspective Woody van Amen’s work takes on another equally exciting feel. More of van Amen’s work can be seen at this link.

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2 Responses to Woody van Amen in Rotterdam

  1. hello Cameron Neilson

    I am honoured you put my work on your website.
    Thanks for that.
    Greetings from Rotterdam,
    Woody van Amen