Ferneshturm in Berlin, Germany

Ferneshturm in Berlin, Germany photographed by Cameron R Neilson

The television tower, or Fernsehturm, is the large radio tower in the heart of Berlin. Located on Alexanderplatz, it is a striking symbol of the of the former East Germany and the second tallest structure in Europe. I’ve been visiting this site since the summer of 1991 and it is striking so see how the place has changed–all but Waldo. Waldo is the name I and others have given to the TV tower since it is crowned with a red and white stripe tower–like the famous hat of the character Waldo in the illustrated book of Where’s Waldo. When lost in Berlin, you can generally spot Waldo and figure out where you. The base of the tower has a some very interesting architecture which was a fun challenge to incorporate Straight Up.

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