Amsterdam, Netherlands, photographed Straight Up by Cameron R Neilson

Walking around Amsterdam is a visual treat! Not only is it a gorgeous cobblestoned city, it is incredibly accessible: touch the buildings, reach the sky, and traverse its center all at once and in no time at all. It’s also a city with few limits, proven while taking in fresh air with the occasional waft of cannabis or turning a corner to see scantily clad girls standing in windows with red lights. It’s certainly a city where people can take trips, and it not hard to imagine people lying on their backs looking straight up, pondering the world, half-baked. True, this is just a small section of the city, and most likely tourists, but where the old architecture stands, this sometimes is the case.

What is truly amazing about the old part of the city are the hoists on each building. Apparently the doorways and staircases are so narrow that furniture, etc has to be hoisted and loaded through windows. The shapes of the roofline, and hoist architecture are very exciting and contribute to interesting spaces between the buildings. I particularly like the street lamp in the middle.

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