Erasmus Bridge

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands photographed straight up by Cameron R Neilson

Kids these days have amazing video games. I remember when the 8-bit Frogger game came out for the Atari 2600 game console. The graphics weren’t as amazing as going to the nickel arcade, but it was still better than my friend’s cassette-tape-drive version for the Commodore 64 which took about fifteen minutes to load. The hours spent playing Frogger probably contributed to the success in this image.

The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam is Frogger in real life. To get to the center of the bridge, I had to cross the bike lane, the traffic lane, and finally position myself on a zero clearance platform between two trolley lines. All without getting smashed. It’s all about timing, pre-planning, and expedited movements. I had my friend Marjolijn help spot for trolleys–the main concern, since they are fast and quite dangerous. After studying the traffic flow, I knew I’d have about twelve seconds to make the image, reverse course, and run back to safety. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but I successfully completed the gauntlet three times to get this image. I find it interesting that the trolley lines aren’t parallel to the center of the image–something you’d never know unless standing in the middle.

Below is a photo Marjolijn made of me running back. It was, as PSY would say, full on Gangnam Style.

Cameron R Neilson in Oppa Gangnam Style

Cameron R Neilson in Oppa Gangnam Style photograhed by Marjolijn Metz

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