Today, September 24th 2012, I happen to be in beautiful Barcelona. The weather is warm and I’m not adequately prepared for the temperature. It’s a holiday called La Mercè festival, and being a Sunday, hardly anything is open, Everyone is out on the street enjoying the extended weekend which is not easy to navigate. I’m not certain if it’s the overnight flight, the party two nights previous, or sheer adrenaline, but this city is so gorgeous I can hardly see straight. Luckily my tripod comes to the rescue.

The building on the lower part of this image is my first stab at photographing a Gaudi building. Apparently the term of something being “gaudy” stems from this designer, visionary, architect, and artist–for his over the top ornate details. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Gaudi, as well as others, tomororw. Gaudi seemed to turn to nature and fanciful aesthetics to realize his vision–I love the trees in this. I can’t wait to explore more.

Gaudi in Barcelona Straight Up

Gaudi in Barcelona Straight Up photographed by Cameron R Neilson

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