Uniqlo in Manhattan Straight Up

Uniqlo in Manhattan on 5th Avenue photographed Straight Up by Cameron R Neilson

The unassuming exterior of the three level 89,000 square foot Uniqlo flagship store on 5th Ave in NYC belies the $300 million 15 year lease (apparently setting a real estate record in Manhattan). I am not sure of the renovation parameters, but the overall facade is not my favorite for Straight Up. Apparently this doesn’t matter, as this place is insane during normal business hours, with hoardes of shoppers stampeding in and out for fast fashion bargains. Gotta hand it to them, the prices are pretty unbelievable. As an aside, I did have the opportunity to photograph interior installations in 2011 for their Heattech launch and Holiday display, designed by Lot71. The displays actually made the box store very dynamic and I even made a time-lapse. I’ll be curious to see how they top it this year.

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